Call for submissions 2019


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So what can you do in the Bonnie Doon area?

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Bush walking, stroll across the Bonnie Doon Bridge, Fishing, Water Skiing, Snow Skiing in the winter, 4WD, trail bike riding and horse riding. All the action activities you could wish for ... but for those who come to unwind and forget the stress - just sit back and relax, enjoy the serenity! Fresh air, mountain views, wineries with cellar door, and don't forget a range of eating establishments to suit every budget and appetite!

For those seeking stories of the past - Bonnie Doon has plenty - gold mining, crystal mines, bushrangers, the town that moved, the lake that grew... all here for you discover and retrace.

Boot Scootin Line Dancing. 

Have a look at what you are missing out on. This demo was in aid of "The Biggest Breakfast" organised by Mark and Debbie Poole to help raise funds for cancer research.

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