Throughout the township of Bonnie Doon, there are a total of 12 sightseeing locations with a signboard which have a QR codes to direct you to the website.  These codes can be scanned with a smart phone or tablet and provide informative text and images about the history of Bonnie Doon. In addition, the points of interest are displayed on a map so you can find the direct way to get there. 

A hugh tract of land around Bonnie Doon was taken up as a Government leasehold by a company called Watson and Hunter fairly early in the last century. Around the middle of the century as more settlers moved in the land was further sub-divided into quite sizeable properties such as Wappan (John Bon), Maintangoon (Forsyth Bros.), Borodomanin (Col. Kelso), and woodfield which was taken up at a later date by M. Motherwell. Doon was a centre for the surrounding farmers as the land was sub-divided under the Closer Settlement Act. Selection of the properties took place around 1880 the majority being an area of 320 acres.

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