Starting in 1953, many homes from the original Bonnie Doon township were moved to their present location as the waters of Lake Eildon steadily rose. In 1955, as a result of significant rainfall, water levels ensured a very rapid rise of the water level, filling the lake and submerging prime agricultural land, landmarks and a location, many pioneering families called ‘home’. Residents were forced to create a new home for themselves in a ‘new’ Bonnie Doon, located about 500m west of the original town site.  Of course, there were residents who preferred to move away altogether, while others could not envisage living anywhere else but in Bonnie Doon. The enlarged lake may have had detrimental impact on the character of Bonnie Doon from a uniquely agricultural and farming life but it also saw the development of recreational endeavours such as water skiing and boating. Water sports ensured an influx of holiday makers and weekend residents thereby changing the character of Bonnie Doon from a uniquely agricultural farming community to a tourist driven economy.

 Old BD 1953

Main Street In Original Bonnie Doon, 1953.

Victorian Railways Newsletter Dec 1955                   Victorian Railways Newsletter, Dec 1955.

Construction campin foreground railway station goods shed butter fact. swing bridge some houses already moved 1955

1955 Bridge Construction Camp In Foreground, Railway Station, Goods-Shed, Butter Factory, Swing Bridge, Some Houses Already Moved.

Old Town looking east 1970

By 1978, The Old Township Was A Distant Memory As Young Bonnie Doon School Girls Walk Along The Old Highway (Looking East)

First ice cream shop in BD

First Enterprising Venture Was Carried Out By Hilda Sonnberg Who Sold Ice Cream From Her Front Veranda.

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