There was a good reason why the churches were practically built in the centre of the old township;  in the early days of settlement, people tended to live in accordance with the natural elements and were reliant on seasonal graces. They were god-fearing, believing in something higher than themselves. After working each day from sunrise to sunset, they valued the Sunday as a day of rest and set it aside for attending Church, not only to restore their faith but also to meet other community members, to socialise and to seek community support, church was a pivotal part of their lives. Today the community continues to rally to maintain the churches and prevent them from being sold due to falling attendance numbers.

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 The most unique features of Bonnie Doon  are the township's three historic places of worship. Located at the water's edge, amicably side-by-side, the Anglican, Uniting and Catholic Churches date back to pioneer days and pay tribute to the cooperative community spirit of the areas early settlers.

Anglican - Christ Church

Sunday Service:
11:30 am on second Sunday of the month
Contact: The Venerable Eden-Elizabeth Nicholls
Phone: 5775 2036

We invite you to join us for our monthly service at ‘Christ Church’, conducted by the Venerable Eden-Elizabeth Nicholls, the first woman priest for The Anglican Parish of Mansfield and the first female Archdeacon for the Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta.

You will appreciate our charming historic timber church with its appealing interior whilst enjoying the welcoming nature of our small congregation. After the service, we generally share a ‘cuppa’ at a local café, and at times organise a BBQ or a meal for the whole community.

 101 Upon entering Christ Church, your focus is instantly drawn to the altar with its plain cross and to the holy table and pulpit with their decoration of simple, yet meaningful, christian symbols. The white walls and soft warm glow of natural wood create a feeling of welcoming country authenticity often lacking in more embellished places of worship.
Many of the interior features of Christ Church bear witness to the contributions of Bonnie Doon's parishioners. The altar wall and the cross, the altar rail, the hymn board, the collection plates, the chalice and sacramental cross, all came as offerings from individuals and their families.

102 The entire congregation shared the expense of a pedal organ so their singing of hymns could be appropriately accompanied.

103 As fitting for a down-to-earth country church, the three panels of the timber  altar express fundamental Christian beliefs without unnecessary embellishments.

Uniting - Queen Victoria Memorial Church

Sunday Service:
11:30 on 4th Sunday of the month

We invite you to join us in worship shared with friends from many denominations, and for fellowship over coffee afterwards. Leadership of our services is in the hands of accredited lay preacher Mrs Dorothy Haensel, phone 5775 1510 

The Queen Victoria Memorial Uniting Church, formerly the Presbyterian Church, is believed to be the first memorial to Queen Victoria in the British Empire. It was officially opened in 1901, one week after the Queen died.

106 Altar and pulpit.

121 The Catholic congregation participates in Holy Communion.

122 The altar.

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